Being able to export to video was a much-requested feature for the longest time and it is finally available! Still a bit rough but functional!

Previously users would screen record the notessimo player

Besides the obvious watermark and low quality, it is also very hard to get a consistant perfect 60fps while screen recording which I think really helps improve the overall quality perception of the video.

Only .avi export is available currently but .mp4 is coming very soon, I didn’t want to just hastily bundled a 100MB+ ffmpeg build along the binary and the .avi format is extremely simple to support (with the downside of creating gigantic file but quality-wise, it is perfect).

Audio export is also available in .wav, .mp3 and .ogg!

You can now see the difference with the new video exporter by comparing an upload from one of the users, Antonim, the output is now a perfect 60fps with perfect audio sync and quality!