Jean-Denis Boivin

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Apr 2020 – Present | Founder

Making a fun and collaborative music composer in Unity.

  • Audio engine made from scratch

  • Vast library of user-generated content (website)

  • Cross-platform iOS / Android / Windows / Mac / WebGL

Unity Next.js C# React Discourse Kubernetes PostgreSQL PHP JavaScript TypeScript SCSS

Thunder Lotus Games

Oct 2019 – Apr 2020 | Tech Lead

I built internal tools (animation) as well as overseeing the multiplayer tech for an unanounced project in Unity.

  • Changed the tech stack to better suit the project

Unity C# ECS Quantum (Photon)

Mino Games

Jun 2017 – Oct 2019 | CTO

Worked on the mobile game "Cat Game" (10M+ downloads). Was in charge of pretty much everything tech related.

  • Designed the minigames

  • Designed some of the formula progression

  • Wrote a major portion of the whole codebase

  • Performed technical interviews

  • Wrote a rendering engine

Haxe OpenFL JavaScript Node DynamoDB BigQuery Java Objective-C C++


Nov 2015 – Dec 2016 | Lead Programmer

Created multiple websites / experiences / apps (hardware & software) for this marketing agency, mainly used in events to promote brands.

  • VR / AR experiences in Unity

  • Helped with the production of 3D video (VR)

Unity Angular React Native Raspberry Pi Arduino JavaScript PHP C# C Objective-C Swift MySQL



French English

Programming Languages

C# Haxe JavaScript TypeScript PHP C SCSS SQL


Unity Next.js React OpenFL AWS Kubernetes WPF


Adobe Creative Suite Full-Stack Game Dev Web Dev Version control (GIT / SVN / Perforce) Responsive design Continuous integration / deployment (CI / CD) Electronics Multiplayer / Network Graphics / Shaders Automated testing REST API design Audio Profiling Optimisation

Experience (more)

Bethesda Game Studios (Austin, TX)

Mar 2015 – Nov 2015 | UI Developer

Developed the UI for the cancelled game Battle Cry

Scaleform AS2 CryEngine

FailSafe Games

Feb 2010 – Mar 2015 | Co-founder

Flash Games / Mobile Ports and Websites for clients.

  • Game Jam winner

  • Developed a mobile prototype for Tetris

  • Developed a MMORPG for the Sift Heads franchise

Flash AS3 Haxe OpenFL Java Objective-C SmartFoxServer jQuery PHP MySQL


Jul 2008 – Feb 2010 | Programmer

Developed dozens of flash games (and iOS) for this defunct Montréal company, mostly for cartoon TV shows.

Flash AS3 Objective-C PHP MySQL
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